but mom the Beatles didn’t go to college

mazeltoph replied to your post: what the hell does 420 even mean

national weed day

but where did it come from??? why not 320 or 520

what the hell does 420 even mean


→MTV Cribs with King Louis XVI (x)

happy easter to the goyim


back in 7th grade i was sitting at the lunch tables at school and a 6th grader threw a mini tomatoe at me and my friends and all of her 6th grade friends started laughing and i looked over and saw the girl was holding one of the warrior cat books so i stood up and yelled at her ‘BRAMBLECLAW KILLS HAWKFROST’ and she started crying i felt really bad she was like 1 book away from there


when people say they find benedict cumberbatch attractive

i get trashier every day

i used like the same three artists for my marius mix oops