*someone who ive never met befores follow forever shows up on my dash* *im not on it* what the fuck


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I found the Krispy Kreme where he was back at it again.

i’ve never seen ‘asshole’ feuilly honestly, but i do get how you feel about bahorel 2.0 and it’s so eyeroll inducing.

ive seen it everywhere they make him so awful lmao

Dudebro Feuilly and Bahorel having a “no-homo” relationship and “bro-ing out” together


why is fanon feuilly such a douchebag. he is not

mine is prouvairings!! i'll totes follow you. but aagh i'm ok. i'm trying to struggle through the last couple weeks of the semester and i have 800 papers to write but rn i'm at work reading crappy fanfiction lmao. how are you??

im sorry babe ugh school sux

im p good school is stressful BUT im seeing AJJ in june im so excited oh my god you should totally go the tickets are 10 bucks and i saw les mis on broadway a few weeks ago and met ramin karimloo and cried

hey camille this is hayley lisafrankzappa and i deleted but i needed to tell someone about how MAD i am i just found the most beautiful 1960s amis au but it just escalated into some e/r bs and i'm sssooo. ugh. also i miss you i forgot to ask if you had fb/twitter anything before i deleted

!!! i was thinking about you the other day how are you doing man i missed you

thats so unfortunate omg im so sorry

and yeah my twitter is montparwhy

ExR shippers be like "ENJONINERS DIDNT READ THE BRICK!!1!ELEVEN!" and then pause "…whats a waterloo?"

tbh tho